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Company Profile


Who We Are

ZKH Group Limited is a leading MRO procurement service platform in China. The Company provides customers with one-stop MRO procurement and management services, offering digital and fulfillment solutions for participants along the industry value chain. It spearheads the MRO industry’s digital transformation, reducing costs and improving efficiency.

MRO procurement services are indispensable in addressing the essential needs of manufacturing enterprises in their daily operations, but they can also create challenges for them. MRO procurement is highly fragmented on both the supply and demand sides, involving recurring purchases of a vast array of items in typically small volumes. The Company sees abundant market opportunities in China’s large and growing MRO procurement service market. To capture these market opportunities, the Company provides digitalized, one-stop MRO procurement solutions that allow customers to access a wide selection of products at competitive prices. These solutions are powered by the Company’s strong product selection and recommendation capabilities, as well as a transparent and efficient process that delivers the selected MRO products in a timely and reliable manner, along with professional fulfillment services.

Our Mission

Transparency and efficiency, for better commerce.

Our Vision

To be a world leading industrial supplies company offering superior customer value.